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Laila Milanian – Antiques and Design

Laila Milanian is a veteran businesswoman who has experience in all industries, from healthcare to pharmaceuticals, to food service and the financial industry.

Her outside interests including animal shelters and animal rights, reading about historical subjects, fashion, and antiques and interior design. She knows that when it comes to fashion and design, everything old is new again; that trends and fashions are cyclical. And that explains why there has been a growing trend in recent years for vintage things; that people who once craved new and modern designs and furnishings for their homes are beginning to look backward, and are now coveting objects that were highly sought years ago before a period of decline: in other words, antiques.

As Laila Milanian knows, collecting antiques is a passion for many people. And those who enjoy collecting old objects that have been designated a valuable antique usually have their own reasons for doing so. She says that it is important to know what kinds of things you like to collect, and that it is important to educate yourself before you head out to the local antique shop. Without such knowledge it’s hard to know what to purchase, and whether the antique you’re interested in is even worth it. If you aren’t careful you can end up spending too much money on something that isn’t as valuable as it seemed, and might even be a fake.

It can be a good idea, she says, to have an item you are interested in appraised by a qualified professional. With proper appraisal you can have a collection insured, which is a good safeguard against damage or even complete loss of a collection.