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Choosing a Dress With a Triangle or Hourglass Body

The wedding day is the day that many women have dreamed about their entire lives. Choosing the dress can be the hardest part of the whole process. However, when a bride to be knows their body type it can be easier to find a dress. The following are suggestions that will help a bride with a triangle or hourglass body choose their perfect dress.

The Triangle

In the woman’s body that is a triangle, their hips are wider than their shoulders. A-line gowns, short gowns, and ball gowns will create flattering curves on their bodies. An A-line gown with a fitted bodice and a skirt that gently angle away from the body shows the entire figure. Short gowns that have a bodice or flowing sheath and a shorter hemline will create a graceful line on the body. A ball gown with a natural waistline will flatter a slim upper body and flow away from the hips and thighs.

The Hourglass

In the hourglass figure, the hips and shoulders are about the same size while the waist is well defined. Sheath gowns, ball gowns, and trumpet dresses are the best dresses for a body with this figure. A sheath gown will show off the figure with its streamlined silhouette that is slim from top to bottom. In a ball gown, the structured bodice and full skirt will create an elegantly feminine look. A trumpet dress with a curvy fit will show off the figure in all the right place.

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The Legacy of St John’s Moral Values

Founded in 1868 by the Vincentian Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church, St. John’s University was started to provide the poor youth of the city with moral and intellectual education. The values of the university stem from the ideas of St. Vincent de Paul, who is the patron saint of Christian charity. Following the life of the saint and the Vincentian tradition, the Institute encourages involvement in social justice, charity, and service.

Staying true to its moral beliefs, St. John’s University was granted praise from Time Magazine for being a Catholic university and still choosing to accept Jews from low income households. Time Magazine called St. John’s a “good small” university on their list of the United States Catholic universities. When St. John’s merged with the College of Insurance in 2001, the university acquired a building that was located in lower Manhattan of New York. During the aftermath of the attacks on America on September 11th against the World Trade Center, emergency workers used this Manhattan campus. St. John’s has stayed true to the Vincentian values established many years ago.

St. John’s University became an international school with the opening of its Rome Campus in October of 2008. Located in the Prati section of Rome, the building houses up to 200 students all eager to learn from the university that has values. Laila Milanian is a former student of St. John’s University. Proud to have graduated from such a prestigious institute, Milanian earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business.

The High Ranks of St. John’s University

St. John’s University is a private coeducational university located in New York City and affiliated with the Roman Catholic order. Originally, the University was founded by the Congregation of the Mission and located in the borough of Brooklyn. The university has become an international school with locations throughout New York as well as in Rome, Italy. In the spring of 2009, the institute opened another location, this time in Paris, France. St. John’s University has five undergraduate schools and six graduates schools with over 20,000 students globally.

The ranking of the university has always been notable. In the ranking of national universities, U.S. News & World Report ranked St. John’s undergraduate program in the first tier of American universities. The Princeton Review posted the Best Colleges and proudly listed St. John’s as the Best Northeastern College. The Wall Street Journal survey of national recruiters noted St. John’s to be “most likely to help students land a job in key careers and professions that are growing, pay well, and offer high levels of satisfaction. With high rankings like these, it is no wonder why St. John’s University has a high amount of students enrolling.

Laila Milanian was proud to attend this prestigious university. A student who loved to learn, Milanian made sure to put her studies first when attending the University. It was here that Laila Milanian was able to achieve her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business.

Laila Milanian – Pilates for the First Trimester

Miraculous changes happen to women’s bodies during the months of their pregnancies. This happy time of carrying a new life can be scary at first, but throughout the journey expectant mothers usually become more excited to have their child, as their due date draws near.

There are three distinct changes that women go through during their pregnancies. No matter what trimester a woman is in or what type of shape they are in, there is no reason why the soon-to-be-mother should not be doing Pilates. Pilates has become on of the best ways to keep in shape and better prepared for having the baby. Pilates can be done in each trimester, but having a Pilates schedule that is geared toward the specific trimester is best.

Not only will Pilates help keep a pregnant woman strong and flexible, but it can also be the perfect antidote to many of the discomforts that come with the pregnancy. During the first trimester, where the change is the most for a woman, especially for women who have not had a baby previously, the focus should be on the core strength, stamina and muscle memory. These moves strength the entire core so it can support like a corset given the body strength as the baby in the belly grows.

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