Laila Milanian – Pilates for the First Trimester

Miraculous changes happen to women’s bodies during the months of their pregnancies. This happy time of carrying a new life can be scary at first, but throughout the journey expectant mothers usually become more excited to have their child, as their due date draws near.

There are three distinct changes that women go through during their pregnancies. No matter what trimester a woman is in or what type of shape they are in, there is no reason why the soon-to-be-mother should not be doing Pilates. Pilates has become on of the best ways to keep in shape and better prepared for having the baby. Pilates can be done in each trimester, but having a Pilates schedule that is geared toward the specific trimester is best.

Not only will Pilates help keep a pregnant woman strong and flexible, but it can also be the perfect antidote to many of the discomforts that come with the pregnancy. During the first trimester, where the change is the most for a woman, especially for women who have not had a baby previously, the focus should be on the core strength, stamina and muscle memory. These moves strength the entire core so it can support like a corset given the body strength as the baby in the belly grows.

Laila Milanian is an entrepreneur who has helped a lot of women through her Pilates business. The business is focused on women who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, and mothers who recently gave birth.

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