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The Legacy of St John’s Moral Values

Founded in 1868 by the Vincentian Fathers of the Roman Catholic Church, St. John’s University was started to provide the poor youth of the city with moral and intellectual education. The values of the university stem from the ideas of St. Vincent de Paul, who is the patron saint of Christian charity. Following the life of the saint and the Vincentian tradition, the Institute encourages involvement in social justice, charity, and service.

Staying true to its moral beliefs, St. John’s University was granted praise from Time Magazine for being a Catholic university and still choosing to accept Jews from low income households. Time Magazine called St. John’s a “good small” university on their list of the United States Catholic universities. When St. John’s merged with the College of Insurance in 2001, the university acquired a building that was located in lower Manhattan of New York. During the aftermath of the attacks on America on September 11th against the World Trade Center, emergency workers used this Manhattan campus. St. John’s has stayed true to the Vincentian values established many years ago.

St. John’s University became an international school with the opening of its Rome Campus in October of 2008. Located in the Prati section of Rome, the building houses up to 200 students all eager to learn from the university that has values. Laila Milanian is a former student of St. John’s University. Proud to have graduated from such a prestigious institute, Milanian earned her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business.