Laila Milanian – Choosing The Perfect Wedding Dress

Laila Milanian recently got married and like many brides, she struggled with finding the perfect wedding dress. She is hoping to open her own bridal business that assists brides with finding the perfect wedding dresses and planning other details of their weddings. If you are trying to find the perfect wedding dress, consider these tips.


Many people think that wedding dresses should be some shade of white. While white is the traditional choice for most brides, there is no rule that says a wedding dress must be white. Many brides are opting for colored dresses. Choose a dress that you feel comfortable in and like.


What style of wedding dress will you wear? Do you like something fitted such as a mermaid style dress? Or maybe something fluffier such as a princess dress? Or maybe you prefer something simple and elegant like an A-line dress? There are many options and some dress styles look better on certain body types than others. Always bring someone else with you to try on dresses so you can get some advice and a second opinion.


It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for a wedding dress and spend more money than you had planned. Make sure you stick to a budget when shopping for your dress. You can ask a dress shop employee to pull dresses that all into your budget so you are tempted to spend more than you can afford.

Finding a wedding dress that looks great and helps you feel your best on your wedding day is important.  Laila Milanian wants to help brides find their perfect dresses and enjoy planning their weddings. Make sure you take your time when choosing the wedding dress that is right for you.


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