Laila Milanian – How To Help Shelter Animals

Laila Milanian cares a lot about animals and is always looking for a way to help them. She volunteers with many shelters and rescues in the New York City area and is always encouraging others to do the same. There are several ways you can help shelter animals in your area.


Most shelters do not have enough food, water, bedding, toys or other supplies for the amount of animals they care for. If you have extra money and want to help animal shelters, consider donating money or supplies to the shelter. Even small donations can make a big difference.


A lot of animal shelters are understaffed. You can help by volunteering a couple of hours a week at your local shelter. Help bathe, feed, and play with the animals in the shelter or volunteer to help with a shelter even such as an adoption day.


The best way to help animals in a shelter is to motivate and inspire others to help. You can do this by raising awareness of the problem or making more people realize that there are animals in need of homes. This will lead to more people helping and the kindness and caring will eventually spread.

If you know of a shelter or animal rescue in your area and want to help the animals there, get creative and don’t be afraid to get others involved. Laila Milanian enjoys spending time with shelter animals and knowing that she is helping making their lives better.

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