Laila Milanian – Project Manager

Laila Milanian is an experienced businesswoman and project manager. She has certification from the Project Management Institute.

Project Management, as defined by the Project Management Institute (PMI), is managing a temporary group activity, or project, that is designed to produce a specific result. It could be tangible or intangible: examples would be the expansion of a business’s sales in a new market or the construction of a building or highway.

Laila Milanian is a recognized leader in the field of project management. She is a very analytical professional with an entrepreneurial spirit. While she has worked for others, including Bloomberg Financial Services and Goldman Sachs & Company, she started a business called Pregnant Plates to help new mothers get back in shape.

“Pilates is really the best way to restore muscle strength, tone muscle, and promote weight loss,” she says. “These are three things that new moms tend to focus on after having a baby.” Laila Milanian is a longtime health enthusiast who has experience in many different sports and workouts, and says that Pilates offers new and expectant mothers great health benefits. And she says that it’s great for everyone else, too.

Laila Milanian attended Saint John’s University and received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Business. She attended Parsons University at The New School in New York and earned a degree in Product Design and Merchandising. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Pennsylvania State University, and has Six Sigma Black Belt Certification from the American Society for Quality.